Community Groups

These student led community groups are a big heartbeat of our community. There is something really amazing that happens when small gatherings of 5-10 guys or girls get together weekly to intentionally invest in each other. Whether the group time consists of conversations, study, serving together, prayer, and or celebrations... it is a growing time of deepened friendships and pouring into others and also being poured into.

Wednesday's large-group setting (DIG Worship) has some great opportunity for communal worship, connections and spiritual growth, but Community Groups tend to offer a much more personal setting to get to know others and also to be known. We believe it is within these relationships that the deepest, most long-lasting growth happens. Through these times of regular, personal investments, we hope students can begin to speak truth into one another’s lives, because it’s when we are challenged, are vulnerable with, and love each other that the possibilities for deep growth become endless.

Each group is separated by gender (girls with girls and guys with guys) and follow the same rhythm with approximately and hour of time together: reading & study (i.e. conversation and discussion on scripture/subject matter), celebration (i.e. hangout and do fun stuff together the group enjoys), and service (i.e. when opportunities arise to take action and serve the community or campus somehow).

If you’re interested in joining a group click the "Community Group Sign Up" button. You can then pick which group best fits your schedule and the student leader will let you know where the group will be meeting next.

If you're wanting more info, contact:

Daylen Brandes - or 
Katie Danforth - 

My Community Group Experience

"Getting connected with my community group at the Christian Campus House helped me find my home away from home. Coming to UCM as a freshman, I was nervous about making new friends. I started going to CCH during the first week of classes and enjoyed it but wasn't getting connected with those attending. After joining the girls community group I immediately felt a sense of excitement and happiness. Not only was I going to strengthen my faith, but I'd be doing it with an amazing group of girls that I can now call my closest friends. 

Being able to have a small group setting where you can ask questions and get deep into God's Word is amazing. Every single girl is at a different point in their walk of faith which is a good thing because we're able to encourage each other and pray for one another since we've all been in similar places before. I've not only grown in my faith, but I've had more laughs and good times with my community groups than I ever thought possible...I've even laughed myself to tears. I can't say enough good things about getting involved in community groups, but it has for sure been the best decision I've made since coming to UCM."