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As a college ministry completely reliant upon the grace of God extended through individuals, alumni, parents, and churches, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to join us in helping students in their journey of discovering and building a deeper relationship with Jesus.

There are many opportunities for you to support: whether you would like to provide for General Expenses, Individual Staff Members, or specific Grow Trips and Initiatives, you can mail checks or donate right here by clicking the green button.

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If you have any questions, please reach out to us:

Office Phone: (660)-362-0875

Daylen Brandes
Senior Campus Minister

Virginia Sackett
Financial Secretary

Rico Jordan
Associate Campus Minister

Katie Danforth
Women's Intern

Here is a specific example of how God has moved some of our alumni to support the Christian Campus House even after they have gone:


"Melissa and I got involved with the Christian Campus House during our freshman year at UCM.  We began going to DIG on a weekly basis and eventually became more and more involved with the ministry.  We joined [community] groups, helped with projects, and Melissa served as an intern; all bringing us closer to CCH.  During our junior year we both felt somewhat of a need to go on a mission trip, which led us to Haiti.  Though this was before the earthquake, there was still a huge need for help and more importantly, love.  The experience was phenomenal and can hardly be described in words for so many reasons.  To fully paint a picture would take much more time and space on this page than we have, but the point is, it was an experience that wouldn't have been possible without the Christian Campus House supporting, and organizing, and planning, and sharing the trip with Melissa and I.

"The Christian Campus House was such a great place for us to grow and realize and share experiences of our faith.  It was a gateway if you will.  We hadn't fully realized how important supporting the Christian Campus House was until we got out of school and away from everything.  It was then that we decided, if for no other reason (though there are plenty of others), we would support the Christian Campus House so that other students could have the same experience that we had when we traveled to Haiti.  We feel like we've been blessed with such awesome experiences through CCH that we had to give back so that other students could benefit as well."

Drew & Melissa Woolery :: 2010 Graduates