Every UCM Spring Break, we take a group of students somewhere beautiful where we can grow, both as individuals and together as a community. The solitude and striking beauty of God’s creation is often enough to inspire growth, but we couple the scenic location with  worship, dialogue, and group activities, as well as the fun (and beautifully exhausting) prospect of a road trip with 30-50 other people!

Many students when looking back on their Christian Campus House experience, come to cite a Spring Break Grow Trip as the time when they truly came to a deeper relationship with Christ and also a deeper connection with this genuine community. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate.

WHEN: March 13th-20th, 2020
ATTENDANCE MIN/MAX: 14-39 people

If you’re interested in attending this trip or you would like more information, contact Daylen Brandes <dbrandes@digdeeper.org>.